My new soap website

My new soap website

Please check out my new soap webpage which has proper pages rather than being like this one which is more a blog – I will be removing content on this page so check out the new website at


Lip Balms $3 each

Lip balms compositeBubblegum Lip balm copy Choc Mint Lip balm copy Honey Lip balm copy Lemonade lip balm copy  Musk lip balm July13 Mint lip balm July13 Coffee lip balm July13 Chocolate lip balm July13 Strawberry lip balm copy Vanilla lip balm copyLip Balms!

Yes, as well as soap, I also make lip balms – these are nice and natural (have you seen the ingredient list on your commercial lip balm?) These ones only contain Olive oil and unrefined Bees wax (direct from a local bee keeper) with a lip flavour oil and some containing a little lip safe mica for colour. The honey one has no colour or flavour other than honey. Some of the paler ones have no colour added. You can see the flavours I make above and most are kept on hand but check with me if you want a certain flavour to make sure I have it in stock. Lip Balms sell for $3 each and are great for adults and children – esp those who tend to lick it off their lips all the time – with these ones you dont have to worry as there are no nasties in the balms at all. Keep your lips nice and soft and moisturised over the coming winter!

Please note – as all lipbalms are made in small lots – the colour of the finished lip balm can be slightly different (darker or lighter) in each batch.

Some more of my regular soaps I make (2013)

Rose striped soap 12-4-13 text This is my rose soap – something I will be keeping as a regular item as it smells soooo good! The fragrance is called Fresh Cut Roses and it really does smell like a bunch of roses. Perfect gift too. I make it in different designs depending on what Im feeling like doing at the time, sometimes its just a plain pink bar and other times it will be fancy. Contains coconut, canola and olive oils – no animal fats in any of my soaps and no palm in this one.

Sells for $4 a bar – they weigh around 100 – 120g depending on how they are cut

Orange Calendula soap 23-3-13 This is a lovely orange soap with real orange essential oil – smells very fresh and sweet. I use a canola oil that has red palm fruit in it and this gives the lovely orange colour to the soap with no extra colourings needed. It also has coconut and olive oils in it – sells for $4 a bar – I will try and keep this one as a regular unless it doesnt sell well.

Naked Oat soap 23-3-13 Oat milk soap – made with oat milk with no extras in it (I make the oat milk so I know its just oats and water nothing else) no colour or fragrance in this one so its just a nice soapy fresh fragrance. Made with coconut, canola and olive oils. $3 each


59 Apricot soap 9-2-13 Apricot soap – smells amazing – fresh and fruity. My usual recipe of coconut, canola and olive oil with a little swirl of apricot colour. $4 a bar and hope to keep this one as a regular item

Goats Milk soap

Goats milk soap made with fresh goats milk (yeah ok so its not directly from the Goat but as fresh as I can get it from the store) – no fragrance or colour so its great for sensitive skins. $4 a bar + post in Australia or pick up can be arranged in Brisbane

83 GM white Aug13

My range of soaps – 2013

Naked Oat soap 23-3-13I have decided to make a range of simple soaps as my basics and then make a few fancy ones every so often – so the ones I will do and keep in stock regularly are

  • Shampoo bar – available in fragrance and colour free $4 ea
  • Shampoo bar – available in Rosemary/Clary Sage/Spearmint fragrance with a green colour from oxides $4 ea
  • Beer and Honey bar – no fragrance or colour except from the beer and honey $4 ea
  • Papaya soap – made with real puréed Red Papaya or Paw Paw – depends what is available at the time – made with no fragrance or colour, very mild for all skin types $4 ea
  • Goats milk soap – no fragrance or colour for sensitive skins $4 ea
  • Oat Milk soap – fragrance and colour free made with homemade oat milk so there is nothing artificial in it – lovely creamy soap that is great for sensitive or young skin $3 each
  • Coffee soap with cinnamon fragrance and coffee grounds for exfoliation – great as a wake up soap to get the blood circulating or as a hand soap for after gardening or mechanical work. $4 a bar
  • Fancy soaps – when I get bored with fragrance and colour free I will make fancy ones depending on my mood and will offer them when they are cured. $4 to $5 depending on the size and amount of work in the finished soaps.

Please contact me if you would like to order any soaps from me